European journal of scientific research paper submission

Aerospace engineering, Architectural engineering, Automotive engineering, Bioengineering, Chemical engineering and etc.


Yet, not only the largest journals are of excellent quality. When reporting experiments on human subjects, authors should indicate whether the procedures followed were in accordance with the ethical standards of the responsible committee on human experimentation institutional and national and with the Helsinki Declaration ofas revised in We investigate existence, unicity and determination of the solution to this equation.

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically in this section of the web site. Guidelines for Authors The aim and scope of the European Journal of Paediatric Dentistry EJPD is to promote research in all aspects of dentistry for children, including interceptive orthodontics and studies on children and young adults with special needs.

The current volume is the volume of A brief conclusion should be given, only based upon the evidence derived from the research. The list of references should include only those publications cited in the text. There should be an abstract briefly describing the case and treatment provided.

The length and depth of research book reviews varies much from journal to journal, as does the extent of textbook and trade book review. Demography, Geographical locations, Population groupings and etc. Friends We provide a tentative list of journal friendsi.

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There must be a description of the clinical care carried out, which must also have been followed up for a minimum of two years to indicate the degree of success. The prevalence of dental caries in Europe.


Copies of a permission to reproduce material that has been published elsewhere, or to use illustrations that may enable readers to identify children or individuals, should be supplied.

The FDI tooth notation system must be used. Case reports have low priority. Unless indicated otherwise, galley proofs will be sent to the first-named author via e-mail and should be returned with the least possible delay, preferably within 48 hours.

Some journals are devoted entirely to review articles, some contain a few in each issue, and others do not publish review articles.

Examples of typical subject areas covered include: The Journal will consider clinical case reports of interest to Paediatric Dentistry, but usually only where details of treatment carried out and the success of such treatment are given. Order forms and a price list for reprints may be obtained from the publisher Ariesdue.

We welcome papers from both academicians and practitioners on theories, business models, conceptual paradigms, academic research, and consultancy projects.

Determine Submission Method

Submission of an article for publication implies the transfer of the copyright from the author to the publisher upon acceptance. The format for these reports, which will usually be limited to no more than one per issue of the journal, should follow a similar layout to research papers.

Papers published in Periodicals:Guidelines for Authors The aim and scope of the European Journal of Paediatric Dentistry (EJPD) is to promote research in all aspects of dentistry for children, including interceptive orthodontics and studies on children and young adults with special needs.

11 steps to structuring a science paper editors will take seriously A seasoned editor gives advice to get your work published in an international journal.

Academic journal organizing Biotechnology Conferences in in USA, Europe, Australia, Middle East and Other Prominent locations across the globe.

We organize Biotechnology Meetings in the fields related to Biotechnology like Pharmaceutical, Nano, Medical and Agricultural. An academic or scholarly journal is a periodical publication in which scholarship relating to a particular academic discipline is published.

Academic journals serve as permanent and transparent forums for the presentation, scrutiny, and discussion of research. They are usually peer-reviewed or refereed. Content typically takes the form of articles presenting original research, review articles.

The European Journal of Criminology is an international, peer-reviewed journal publishing high-quality original is the prime European source for authoritative information and analysis on crime and criminal justice issues.

Launched in January by the European Society of Criminology in partnership with SAGE Publishing, the journal seeks to open channels of communication between. The European Scientific Institute (ESI) is a global academic platform, which cooperates with Universities and academic centers on 5 continents, by organizing scientific conferences, forums, workshops and joint projects.

European journal of scientific research paper submission
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